woensdag 23 februari 2011

Mr Blue

Ik ben echt geraak door Blue, ik vind zijn Lyrcs en uitspraken echt vet dope ze gaan niet over bitches en motherfockers, shit, Ho's, cars and Money. Maar ze zijn heel diep en ik vind dat echt super cool vooral de knowledge does rain.... vind ik super vet ik ga zeker weten meer posten over Mr Blue.

X nana

Knowledge does rain supreme over nearly everyone who’s afraid to dream.

Ashes to ashes no more classics, rap has become so pornographic when life has become something never imagined.

Nowadays it’s hard to choose right from wrong, cause if you rap about freedom nobody likes your songs, but do a track about cheatin’ and the ladies will play it all night long, like my ex used to bump exzibit, and her favourite line was: i be catching bitches while bitches be catching feelings, yet she don’t want me trickin’ around, see she idolize the lifestyle but don’t want none of it going down.

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