maandag 8 november 2010

power couple Heidi Klum & Seal

Kijk er elk jaar naar uit om de foto's te zien van Celebs For halloweeen >!

Heidi en seal they win every year man !!

1. Just like every other year, power couple Heidi Klum & Seal were behind this year's most impressive, innovative and interesting costumes! We could totally see these futuristic robot costumes being in some kind of blockbuster sci-fi movie!

ook leuk  Christian Siriano met ? de kaars en swiffer :P haha van Beauty and the Beast

3. Project Runway winner Christian Siriano obviously designed this interesting feathery costume himself, and we give him major points for creativity and uniqueness! This costume is simply fierce.
Had gedacht dat Nicole Polizzi als zich zelf zal gaan een slet ! maar Snooky ziet er cute uit eerlijk.
6. We are so proud of Jersey Shore-star Nicole Polizzi, more known as Snooki for choosing not to be slutty this Halloween! She actually looks more classy in this little pickle princess costume than she does in her tacky every day outfits. The costume fits her really well and she looks cute as a button!

Ciara as storm ! she looks great man with the white wig 
8. Singer Ciara actually looks quite like Halle Berry, the actress who portrayed the X-Men heroine Storm in the film adaptations, so it's no wonder that she owned the hell out of her Storm costume! She even got the glowing white eyes right and hey, how cool aren't those Christian Louboutins?

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